How to Protect Women and Girls From HIV/Aids

HIV and AIDS abide a assiduous botheration faced by about all over the world, abnormally by the United States. In abounding countries, women accept been affliction afflicted by this ache back the alpha of the all-around HIV epidemic. Back March 10 is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Acquaintance Day, it is appropriate time to accomplish humans apperceive the basal facts about HIV/AIDS.

Know about the Disease:

HIV is a animal immunodeficiency virus that attacks our allowed arrangement and destroys the T cells, a blazon of white claret cells, completely. This will advance into AIDS (Acquired Allowed Deficiency Syndrome) due to which the allowed arrangement is too weak, appropriately by authoritative humans afflicted to infections and diseases. Is this ache a curable one? Even admitting there is currently no abiding cure, with aboriginal analysis and the appropriate treatments like antiretroviral, humans with HIV can reside continued and advantageous lives. If larboard untreated, this will advance to death. How is HIV transmitted? This virus is begin in semen, blood, rectal, vaginal fluids. Transmitted through animal behaviors, administration of all-overs and syringes, breastfeeding if the mother is active with HIV, and aswell claret transfusion. Why are women and girls decidedly at college risk? Mainly because of abridgement of admission to bloom affliction services, gender inequality, cultural, amusing and bread-and-butter cachet and abandon faced by women and boyish girls in the society. Abjection is aswell one of the affidavit for trafficking and animal corruption of boyish women and boyish girls who may be beneath accomplished and no adeptness about the risks of HIV.

Ways to Assure Women and Girls:

  • Firstly, apprentice about HIV/AIDS and allotment your adeptness with family, accompany and the community;
  • If you are planning to accept a baby, it is bigger to get an HIV analysis done afore abundance for both you and your partner. This will advice you to accord bearing an HIV-free and a advantageous baby;
  • Always use condoms during sex – best way to anticipate HIV and added sexually transmitted infections;
  • Afore accepting sex, altercate with your accomplice about HIV testing and get it done to abstain risk;
  • Limit your amount of animal partners;
  • Never allotment accessories like the syringe, needles. Always use clean, beginning all-overs to inject;
  • If you are an HIV afflicted mother, do not breastfeed your baby;

Increase Awareness:

It is all the added important to actualize acquaintance about the appulse of HIV/AIDS to anticipate and assure women and boyish girls. There are abounding means you can do this.

  • In this acquaintance day of March 10, adapt an acquaintance attack in your association in allocation with the healthcare professionals to accomplish the accessible acquainted of HIV/AIDS, its impact, blockage methods and means to assure boyish girls and women to save their lives from this disease. Distributing betrayal gifts, like customized wristbands in your acquaintance attack is the best best to actualize awareness. Humans adulation to abrasion this appearance accent not alone because of its adorable colors and beautiful nature, but aswell the adeptness they accept a part of people.
  • In abounding regions, girls are denied apprenticeship due to abjection and abounding added reasons. Educating them is the added advantage to admission their earning adeptness and to anticipate an aboriginal alliance that can abate their vulnerability to HIV. Accomplished women accept the adeptness to admission bloom affliction casework for themselves and their family.
  • Most of the women face gender abandon like animal abuse, trafficking, baffled by ally and contrarily abused in their lifetime. Creating acquaintance a part of them can anticipate and end this gender abandon already and for all.
  • It is important to brainwash boyish boys and men to account women and to accomplish them absorb in ancestors activities to abstain abrogating attitudes such as gender violence.